Carter’s, Inc., Braselton, GA

Carter’s, Inc., just keeps growing. In 2010, the company developed an e-commerce sales channel that brought even more growth to already increasing sales through retail and wholesale channels.

With all that growth, something had to change in terms of distribution and service capabilities. And that’s where Duke Realty came in.

Carter’s studied several markets around the country and determined that the Atlanta area was a great fit for the company’s transportation and labor needs, and thus the search for a facility began.

“We were interested in opportunities to grow into a building over time and upgrade the site itself—things we could do inside as well as outside the building,” said Michael Baumgartner, Director of Supply Chain for Carter’s. “We worked with Duke Realty from the beginning on high-level requirements, on the things we would need to make the building work.

“Duke Realty put together a few site plans, and those first plans met 75% of our needs—right off the bat. We worked together over the course of a couple weeks to get them up to 100% and ended up with a very effective plan.”

The new facility enables Carter’s, Inc., to bring its previously outsourced e-commerce distribution under its own roof. As the company reconfigures its distribution network, e-commerce is the first channel to function out of this new facility. Portions of the retail and wholesale channels will follow.

“We’re trying to transition the supply chain in a thoughtful, phased manner,” Baumgartner said. “We needed flexibility to make that happen, and we got that with Duke Realty. We’ve experienced fantastic support from Duke Realty at all levels—from the beginning of the project when we were discussing the facility as a possibility, all the way through negotiation.

“We’ve had an overall great experience with Duke Realty.”