Bray International, Inc., Houston, TX

Headquartered in Houston, Bray International, Inc., has been in business 27 years and seen steady growth throughout that time. When that growth prompted an expansion several years ago, the location of Westland I—close to Highway 290 and to Bray’s headquarter campus—made it a good choice. The relationship that came out of that first lease meant Bray turned to Duke Realty immediately when the company needed to expand again in 2012.

“We’re in business for the long term and wanted a long-term relationship,” said Brad Kirchhofer, Chief Operating Officer for Bray International, which designs and manufactures industrial valves.

Now operating out of Westland I and II, Bray leases 164,620 square feet within the industrial park. It’s an arrangement that complements the organization’s international growth with a convenient headquarters configuration right here in Houston.

“The spaces we lease are an extension of our campus,” Kirchhofer said. “When we first moved into Westland I, we had a subsidiary three or four miles away, a Gulf Coast sales office in yet another building, and some operations in our headquarters needed more space. We were able to take all those needs and consolidate while providing the space they needed to operate efficiently—and to grow.”

As the company has grown, its needs for space have changed: “One of the subsidiaries that we had consolidated into Westland I needed room to expand,” Kirchhofer said. “Relocating the other three operations into Westland II enabled that subsidiary to take over the whole space in Westland I.”

Convenience and accessibility originally drew Bray to Westland, and Kirchhofer points to those factors as being ideal for the company. However, he also notes that the people are essential.

“We have a very good relationship with Duke Realty,” Kirchhofer said. “Their leasing agents negotiated a long-term lease that was very attractive to us, and we’ve worked with the company on improvements to our space. We’ve never had any major issues, and we’ve seen quick results from our property manager when small ones came up.

“I have no reservations about recommending Duke Realty.”