A Tradition of Stewardship

As we embark on projects across the country, we practice sustainable development in our construction, maintenance, renovation, and tenant improvement projects—including LEED® certification for all new developments. These practices reduce waste, conserve energy and water and, in general, contribute to a healthier, cleaner environment.


Building on prior efforts to address our environmental impact, we are setting more aggressive goals toward reducing our carbon emissions. We are committed to achieving carbon neutrality for our operations by 2025 and be in alignment with the Paris Climate Accords by 2040. The plan is to employ strategies to directly impact scopes 1 and 2, while working closely to align strategies with our tenants and vendors to reduce scope 3 emissions. Our focus will be on reducing our carbon emissions and finding opportunities to replace energy sources with renewable energy.

Sustainable Development Policy

Our Sustainable Development Policy guides all that we do when it comes to new construction, including the sourcing of materials and resources, sustainable siting, water and energy efficiency, atmosphere and air quality, and regional geographic conditions. See our Sustainable Development Policy.

Smart Building Design

With our Smart Building design, we considered not only the building materials but elements within the space that can help companies operate more efficiently and provide healthy work environments for their employees. During the design process, tenants can select the elements that are right for them. Duke Realty remains committed to building energy efficient, sustainable facilities and with the help of our tenants, we can continuously improve.

Explore the interactive graphic below to learn about some of the smart building features available to our tenants. Select a button on the left to see the features specific to that category, and click on a feature’s icon to learn more.