Committed to High Standards

Duke Realty is committed to strong principles, an effective, nonpartisan corporate governance structure, and compliance with applicable laws, rules, regulations, and policies. How we conduct ourselves, our governance, and transparent reporting are all part of Duke Realty’s commitment to ethical corporate citizenry.

Board Structure

Independent and diverse leadership are critical to our corporate governance. More than 92 percent of our 13-person board are independent directors. We also strive to maintain gender, race, and ethnic diversity, and 46 percent of our board is diverse.

Each board member stands for reelection each year and must receive a majority of votes. Four standing committees—comprising finance, corporate governance, compensation and human capital, and audit—provide high-level board guidance on matters affecting our business.

Respect for Human Rights

We believe that our business is more likely to flourish when human rights are respected and protected. Our Human Rights Policy affirms our support of diversity and inclusion, safe and healthy workplaces, fair wages and benefits, access to water resources, associate training, and an anonymous ethics hotline, all of which are human rights salient to our company. This policy has relevance to Duke Realty as well as our affiliated entities, and we are committed to engaging with our stakeholders in implementing and evaluating the policy’s effectiveness.

Code of Business Ethics

Our robust Code of Business Ethics fosters honesty, transparency, integrity, and accountability. It provides guidance to all board of directors, officers, and associates on recognizing any ethics violations. This Code of Business Ethics governs business decisions and actions and is an expression of Duke Realty’s fundamental values.

Each year we conduct training and require affirmation of this Code. Governance-related misconduct, if material, is reported to our board of directors and may be subject to public disclosure. Our company maintains an ethics hotline that associates and non-associates can use to report, on an anonymous basis, any misconduct.

Corporate Responsibility Council

Because corporate responsibility is so critical to our business operations, we have a dedicated council comprised of associates throughout the company who look at our progress in the environmental, social, and governance arenas and recommend ways to advance our efforts. This committee shares its results and areas for improvement with an internal operating committee bi-annually and our board of directors annually.

Find more in-depth information on corporate governance in the Investor Relations section of our website.


Our efforts have led to recognition within our industry and the communities we serve. Though awards aren’t the reason we try so hard, they’re a welcome sign that we’re on the right track.