A Strong Foundation

Our work affects a wide range of individuals, organizations, and communities—and we take that responsibility seriously. Developing and sustaining relationships that value our differences not only provides the foundation for our business success, it’s the right thing to do for the lives our work touches.

Examples of Our Commitment:

Additional information about employee development programs

LEAD – Leadership Excellence at Duke Realty


  1. To provide a means for the Executive Committee to be directly involved in the ongoing development and mentorship of the next generation of Duke Realty leaders.
  2. To provide a means for leaders to continue to learn, bond with each other, and access mentoring from Executive Committee members.
  3. To provide Duke Realty leaders with skills and tools for their ongoing development

CLIMB – Create, Lead, Inspire, Motivates

CLIMB was created as a result of feedback received from our 2014 associate engagement survey. The survey identified a need for mid-level leadership training for more leaders. Below is a brief snapshot of what to expect.

The program was designed with the following objectives in mind:

  • Promote understanding of and alignment with the strategic vision of Duke Realty
  • Embed stronger leadership with greater agility, responsiveness, and accountability
  • Increase level of self-awareness to facilitate fast, aligned change
  • Enable participants to better take action within the principals of real leadership
  • Create framework and build courage for productive feedback discussions
  • Develop next generation of leaders