247Sports.com, Brentwood, TN

Shannon Terry has done this before. The founder and CEO of 247Sports.com previously grew a start-up company to more than 100 employees, and he did it in a Duke Realty building. When he founded 247Sports.com in 2010, he chose to do so in the same office complex where he had previously leased.

“There really was no second choice,” Terry said. “We had a successful ten-year relationship with Duke Realty, so when we needed space again 10 years later, we knew we wanted to come back. The support from Duke Realty is outstanding, and we need that—we need a partner, so that as our business grows they’ll work with us and help us expand.”

247Sports.com provides targeted sports content to users who want to read more in-depth stories about high school and college sports and the recruiting industry. With reporters working all around the country, 247Sports.com provides extensive content and the opportunity for discussion through active message boards. The site curates information from other sources, showcasing related information so that subscribers (and there are more than 45,000 of them already) can easily track an athlete.

Although the editorial model calls for 5-6 employees or contractors in each major college market, the 247Sports.com office operates with around 15 employees. It won’t always be that way, as Terry’s previous experience shows, and knowing that growth is around the corner factored into his decision to locate in a Duke Realty building.

“If we’re trying to move an engineer from the West Coast or media talent from New York, we need to have a good space,” Terry said. “We have to have a space we’re proud of. This space—this complex—is at the level we need as we work to attract talent.”