F&M Bank, Nashville, TN

Branch Manager Rodney Wilds went to Creekside II in July 2009 to find a space for a new branch of F&M Bank and saw something he liked. It wasn’t the space his broker took him to see, and it wasn’t listed at the time, but it was the one. He spoke up, Duke Realty made it happen, and since then the relationship has changed the way Wilds thinks about his branches.

“I’ve got other facilities in other buildings with other people,” Wilds said. “Duke Realty is by far the most professional team I work with. In other buildings, I have my own contractor fixing issues that never would have been a problem in the first place in a Duke Realty building.”

The convenience of the building was the first thing that attracted Wilds to it, including its location in the heart of the Maryland Farms area and its lobby coffee shop. F&M Bank’s first-floor suite includes a pair of glassed conference rooms that also are a draw and get consistent use.

A smooth build out set the tone for the positive experience Wilds reports in Creekside II.

“Duke Realty has been phenomenal from the start,” he said. “When we first did the build out inside this office, Duke Realty support staff and maintenance folks worked with ours so we wouldn’t run into any issues. When I needed more space, they found space adjoining mine and made it very easy for my IT folks to come in and install new systems.”

Wilds appreciates the relationship and the level of trust he has developed with Duke Realty, and he has the sense that it goes both ways: “I don’t feel like I need a representative when I deal with these folks. They’re very easy to deal with and very upfront. They value us being in this space.

“I wish all my offices were in Duke Realty buildings, honestly.”