Port City Logistics, Savannah, GA

When your product is space, keeping the right level of inventory is particularly challenging. Port City Logistics, a third-party logistics provider, faced this predicament when what had been a boom time in Savannah faded into recession.

Co-Owner Billy Robinson remembers rapid growth for Port City Logistics from 2001 to 2008, and then a major letdown in traffic. Robinson, who leases about a third of his permanent warehouse space from Duke Realty, came also to rely on us for additional space when that need arose.

“We can’t afford to have a lot of empty warehouse space; at the same time, we have to be responsive to customer requests for space,” Robinson said. “That’s when I’m reaching out to Duke Realty.”

The omnipresence of Duke Realty warehouse space may have been the thing that led Robinson to make that first call, but it’s the quality of the spaces that keeps him coming back.

“One thing Duke Realty provides that I’m very sensitive about is well-constructed, quality warehouses. Most of the Duke Realty properties in Savannah are relatively new and state of the art. That means a lot when I’m trying to convince customers to store their products in my facilities.”

As the market starts to gain strength again in Savannah, Robinson knows the complexion of his operation will continue to change with it. He imagines Duke Realty will be a constant.

“The Duke Realty folks are great,” he said. “I’ve had a good relationship with all of them since day one. They understand the market, and they’ve educated me in a lot of ways. They’re a top-notch, professional group.”