Duke Realty Joins Paradigm for Parity As Part of Its Diversity and Inclusion

In our quest to promote diversity and inclusion in every segment of our business and our communities, Duke Realty has joined Urban Land Institute’s Paradigm for Parity (P4P), an alliance of executives, board members, academics, and other leaders working toward eradicating the gender gap in corporate leadership by 2030. We’re proud to be part of this important movement and especially proud to have been the first REIT member of P4P.

Founded by 47 female executives, P4P has quickly become one of the leading organizations for driving change related to diversity and inclusion. Its mission—“To achieve a new norm in corporate leadership, one in which women and men of all races, cultures, and backgrounds have equal power, status, and opportunity”—is one Duke Realty has long endorsed, making our membership in the organization a logical fit that provides further avenues for us to drive progress.

P4P’s focus on collecting data and identifying trends to help shift corporate performance is an important element for creating accountability and driving impact. P4P’s five-point action plan demonstrates those practices:

  1. Minimize or eliminate unconscious bias continually.
  2. Significantly increase the number of women in senior operating roles.
  3. Measure targets at every level and communicate progress and results regularly.
  4. Base career progress on business results and performance, not on presence.
  5. Identify women of high potential and give them sponsors, as well as mentors.

The organization also offers a toolkit from which companies can mix and match initiatives to help reach their own diversity and inclusion goals in a way that makes sense for their own operations and corporate cultures. It also brings together likeminded leaders for collaboration and community so that we can benefit from support, experience, and conversation that facilitates the goals of P4P and makes each of our businesses more stable, innovative, and adaptable.

Duke Realty’s own corporate initiatives—like our nearly 20-year-old Diversity and Inclusion Council, our Executive Mentoring program, and our Duke Realty Women’s Network—mesh well with the tactics of P4P, and we expect our membership to not only support but increase and improve our corporate undertakings in the area of diversity and inclusion.

Late last year, Duke Realty CEO Jim Connor became the first CEO of a REIT to sign the CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion pledge to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace, calling it “a natural step in Duke Realty’s ongoing commitment to engender diversity and inclusion.”

We’re excited to keep taking these steps toward true equity.