Tivoli Too, Mendota Heights, MN

Tivoli Too is almost certainly the only one of our tenants to greet guests with a massive, self-produced Buzz Lightyear. Next to Woodstock in a tree. Next to an ice cream sundae bench.

Located in our Enterprise Industrial Center since 2005, Tivoli Too started as a jewelry store and took a leap into creating 3D sculptures that range from mascot bobbleheads to 30-foot elephants, from 75 six-foot stylized Mickey Mouse statues to a 15,000-square foot water park.

“We consider ourselves a company of artists,” said Vice President Hart Johnson. “We’re sculptors, painters, mold-makers, designers, and craftspeople. We can put our heads together and find the best way to get a job done—even something really unusual.”

Before Tivoli Too moved into Enterprise Industrial Center, the company was working out of four bays in a different industrial complex—especially problematic because only two of those bays were next to each other.

Finding a space that can be customized to such a wide range of services isn’t easy, and Tivoli Too searched for three years.

“We walked in here and could really see how this location could work,” Johnson said. “What was so wonderful was that we were able to get into discussions right away with Duke Realty and talk through, ‘Here’s where we are, here’s what we need, and here’s what we hope.’”

“From our first meeting, it was a true partnership.”

Taking the building from shell to functioning, safe, efficient setting for the broad range of work that Tivoli Too produces required a lot of experience and collaboration.

“This was definitely a joint effort,” Johnson said. “Duke Realty provided great support on many levels, from helping us figure out design—what wall to knock down and what wall to build—to how we would finance this and which kind of lease we could put together.

“They really were incredible, from the first meeting to this day. Duke Realty holds an amazing place in our hearts for helping us be the business we are today.”