Industry experts discuss accelerated delivery’s impact on commercial real estate in new Duke Realty report

(Indianapolis, Ind. – June 29, 2015) As consumers push for quicker delivery of the products they order online, retailers and distribution companies are reevaluating their logistics chains and adding facilities that enable them to lessen the time between click and knock. The trend toward next day, same-day and even two-hour delivery, as well as how businesses are responding and the impact on commercial real estate is the topic several industry experts address in Duke Realty’s new e-publication Reliable Answers.

A dynamic, multi-part report that includes videos, infographics and essays, Reliable Answers analyzes this burgeoning trend and includes insights by several industry experts, including Duke Realty’s Chief Operating Officer Jim Connor. He points out during his video segment that providers must have “well located facilities close to major population hubs,” a requirement that is driving his company’s development strategy.

In another video, Kris Bjorson, International Director of Industrial Services in Retail E-Commerce Distribution at JLL, speaks to a ten-year strategy evolving behind same-day delivery, with businesses looking at “inside the loop” types of buildings, as well as facilities with proximity to geographic centers and ground shipping hubs.

A short essay written by James Tompkins, Founder and CEO of Tompkins International, a supply chain consulting and implementation firm, speaks to a changing standard of service personalization to meet shifts in customer expectations.

Duke Realty’s report also includes meaningful statistics on online sales, delivery expectations and predictions for the future.

View the full Reliable Answers electronic report on accelerated delivery trends and implications for the commercial real estate industry here.

Duke Realty is planning a series of issues of Reliable Answers on other factors that are impacting commercial real estate, particularly industrial and medical office facilities. The publications will be featured on Duke Realty’s web site and its YouTube page.

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