KTVI Fox 2 News and KPLR 11, Maryland Heights, MO

A lot of news happens within 40,000 square feet at Lakeside Crossing III in Maryland Heights. That is, a lot of news gets reported through KTVI Fox 2 News and KPLR 11, which moved into the building in 2009, when the two stations began operating under one umbrella.

KPLR 11 already had a relationship with Duke Realty, and that made choosing the new facility easy.

“The cooperation from Duke Realty has been nothing less than terrific,” said Spencer Koch, President and General Manager for KTVI Fox 2 and KPLR 11. “It’s one thing to have 40,000 square feet, but another to have the ability and creativity to work within the guts of the building.”

The technical requirements for operating television stations are understandably complex:  “A lot of work is needed to accommodate our technology— wiring, cable and computers. Working with a company that’s flexible enough to do the things we need to do in the 21st century is essential.” Koch said

Those technical requirements made moving into the new space, which happened over a single weekend, a challenge—and one that could only be accomplished with a lot of detailed planning, determination and warm bodies moving quickly.

Duke Realty had a key role in the logistics, making sure the facility was ready to accommodate the station without interruption to programming. Now that the dust has settled, Duke Realty stays in touch to handle property management.

“It’s never calm in the broadcasting business,” Koch said. “There are always things that need to be done. We’re always working with Duke Realty. And we work very well together. It just feels comfortable.”