Together We Prosper

When you work with Duke Realty, expect high ethical standards from us, and expect to deliver the same. We value our reputation and yours.


To work with Duke Realty is to partner with an experienced industrial real estate company well-known across the country for owning, managing, and building high-quality facilities. We’ve been around a long time in markets throughout the country. That’s not something we could do without the expertise and experience of local contractors and service providers.


Our tenants benefit not only from our careful planning and site selection, but also from our high standards for property management. We operate from an owner’s perspective, so we design and build our properties to last. We also build with our clients in mind, so our properties foster and encourage their business growth.

You don’t have to think about the place where your business happens, beyond finding the right space and making it yours.

Duke Realty maintains its properties to the highest quality standards and provides an orderly, inviting environment for our tenants. If you do encounter something that needs our attention, you can let us know easily and quickly any time of any day through our Tenant Portal, an online tool to report and track work orders. Your satisfaction is our first priority.