A First-Rate Facility for Weber-Stephen


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More than 3 million grills and accessories are distributed to 70 countries from Weber-Stephen’s Chicago-area operation, and after moving into a new facility, the company is all set to increase those figures.

“Weber is a very fast-growing company, and one of the major things that they were considering when they were looking at land sites was the ability to grow over time,” said Duke Realty Senior VP of Chicago Operations Ryan O’Leary.

Keeping up with growth presents its own challenges, and undertaking a move brings further complications—details to manage, unforeseen obstacles to address. For Weber-Stephen, a recent decision to construct a new distribution center came with an unusual number of elements. They—and we—are glad to be able to report that the whole process came together beautifully, producing a 757,000 square-foot facility that can accommodate a 400,000 square-foot expansion.

“This was a really complicated, multi-phased process,” said Weber-Stephen Chief Legal Officer Phil Zadeik. “When we started it, Weber didn’t own the land, it was undeveloped and unincorporated to the county here. So the process involved acquisition of the land, incorporation, rezoning, and ultimately building.

“Duke Realty was able to bring in experts in all those areas so that we could develop this wonderful building.”

Our work to develop the team that would handle each stage of the project enabled the complex land transaction to be completed within 90 days, thus ensuring the project could be delivered within the ten-month time frame Weber-Stephen needed.

“Duke Realty took the lead on project management—they had the right team to help us through this project,” recalled Weber-Stephen Executive VP of Global Supply Chain Dean Duffy. “And we had half a dozen key vendors that were integral as part of the process. Duke Realty took the lead on the coordination and management of all these teams together and did a fantastic job all through that process.”

Find out more about the process, and glimpse the state-of-the-art facility in our video.