From Start to Finish

Duke Realty brings a collaborative, owner-focused approach and a broad range of industrial construction services tailored to your specific needs. From site selection and scheduling to on-site supervision and post-completion follow-up, we deliver exceptional value and know-how. Our services range from a full turnkey design/build approach to construction management and general contracting.

Our particular area of expertise includes bulk industrial and warehouse construction, as well as LEED-certified development.

You decide how you’ll work with Duke Realty based on your objectives and needs. Whether you need our full resources or only a few of our services, our construction professionals are ready to help.

Sustainable Construction Practices

For all new construction and applicable tenant fit-up projects, we recycle or salvage at least 75% of debris. We implement drought-resistant landscaping, high-efficiency irrigation, and rainwater management as appropriate.

Our guidelines call for automated LED lighting throughout warehouse, office, and exterior areas, as well as efficient HVAC equipment and sustainable water systems. And we offer alternative energy options that help align our tenants with sustainability initiatives.

Our Sustainable Development Policy represents industry best practices. These policies improve long-term asset value and offer our tenants efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable workspaces.